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Kami No Tou Episode 8

Definitely a lot to unpack in this episode. I had trouble keeping up with Endorsi intentions as well. It also seems that Rachael has little to no fighting ability as this is the second time she has been caught flat footed. However she does seem to have powers to manifest the big guy that passed the exam with Rak as he disappeared when she got injured and also felt pain when she felt it. Surprised how easily the Ranker got tricked in this one. Still remains the only anime I look forward to at this time. Nice episode.

Kami no Tou Episode 8

Before we talk about the future of the Kami no Tou, let me share you everything that we know about the upcoming episode of Tower of God. This includes the release date, plot, and ways to watch it online.

The episode 8 of the anime series will be available on Thursday, May 21st at 1:30 AM (JST). Be advised that the mentioned date and time is using Japan Standard Time, so you might want to convert it to your local timezone if you want to be the first to watch the episode.

Thankfully, it seems that Crunchyroll got the deal as they are now releasing Tower of God anime with English audio. As of writing, the first episode of the Kami no Tou has finally been dubbed. Check out this link for the English version of the series. 041b061a72


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