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Brittney Jones Confidential Download

she knows she was set up, because they had only been dating for a few weeks, when her husband read about how brittney was going to be a stripper. as a result, she decided to keep her distance. they were both rather shocked when the tape emerged. in fact, brittney was mortified and felt duped. she had gone to the effort of getting herself into the record books - getting naked with ashton and then being verbally abused by him too - and then this bombshell hit! as the tabloids reported, he was actually brittneys ex-boyfriend!

brittney jones confidential download

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the former boyfriend said brittney was a sexual athlete and he had no problem with their trio. he even suggested he and his girlfriend would help her out if she ever wanted to free herself of her high profile husband. the woman on tape does not look happy. she mentions that she never will in the place she works. the former boyfriend said that's because he's a very private man and that she'd have to be very convincing before he would even consider something like this. according to him, brittney's a very cool, laid back girl, who is more into the arts. at one point, she's suggested that she's seen every part of that couch, and once said that she'd be fine with it if there was just enough room! in fact, her ex has another reason for talking about the bedroom. because she invited him into her house with the "videographer". brittney's former ex said: oh yeah, the "videographer". sounds like he had some friend who had his own camera and was hoping to make a fortune on the back of her and her husband!

the woman on tape is humiliated and her former boyfriend has some harsh words to say about the whole thing. according to him, the ex brittney had said the whole story was just "to make the tape go away.


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