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Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 01

However, it was an approach that created a lot of work. It became clear that some of the writers were having difficulty pitching a Star Trek story at the right level. Braga has remarked that he had to re-write every single script from the first season. Most of the staff were gone by the start of the second season. Chris Black was the only new writer to survive, joining the season past the half-way point and writing three episodes in the last third of the year. (For comparison, Dekker and the Jacquemettons wrote three each for the entire season.)

Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 01

The firstseason of Star Trek: Enterprise, that bastard-child of the Trek franchise, ishitting Blu-ray, presented in a six-disc set consisting of all 25 episodes,including the 2-hour pilot "Broken Bow". Although the show divided the Trek-faithfullike no other, its fans will be tempted to upgrade their 2005 Enterprise DVDset to get their hands on the substantial amount of new material included inthe special features. Unfortunately, with the gold standard in Trek Blu-rayconversions already set by the ongoing deployment of Star Trek: The NextGeneration, Enterprise doesn't measure up.

Enterprise is a prequel show to Star Trek: The Original Series and takes place a century before Captain Kirk leads his five-year mission. Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) captains a human crew and his Vulcan first officer on Earth's first mission with a warp 5-capable starship. The series explores Starfleet's early days and the animosity that festers between humans and species like Andorians or Vulcans before the Federation is formed to ally them together. Despite following a strict Star Trek-type formula, Enterprise's reception was poor. Even producer Rick Berman remarked that the show's cancellation was a consequence of "franchise fatigue." It was canceled after season 4, but the creators had big plans for a potential Star Trek: Enterprise season 5.

Enterprise Season 5 could have further explored Shran's relationship with the Aenar Jhamel that is only briefly touched upon in the season 4 finale. Focusing in-depth on the sympathies of each character, which the show only starts to do in its last few seasons, could have saved it from the negative backlash it received. Shows such as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation, and Voyager all hold a grand legacy, which may be due to the fact that fan-favorite characters are given the time they require to develop. The plan to include Jeffrey Combs in the main cast of season 5 could have been the first step needed to receive more seasons. Shran might not have been enough to save the show, but he would have contributed to Enterprise's new and improved reputation.

Fifteen years ago this month, Star Trek: Enterprise ended its four-season run on UPN, concluding the adventures of Captain Jonathan Archer onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NX-01. The prequel series to the entire Star Trek franchise had divided fans ever since its premiere in 2001 as it explored the early days of humanity's first forays into deep space, powered by the warp drive starships just prior to the official founding of the United Federation of Planets. However, there is one aspect of the series that the franchise's fanbase all appears to agree on: The 2005 finale is widely regarded as the worst series ending of any of the franchise's numerous television series.

Season one started the series and gave us tension with the Vulcans unlike any other series prior. There was the exploration of the Klingons, space, and of course, the first season introduced Phlox and the newly created Denobulans to the franchise.

That all changed in season three when the Xindi were introduced, a collective of aliens who feared the advancing of humanity. Instead of working together, the Xindi started an all out-conflict with Earth, firing a weapon that carved hundreds of miles along the Atlantic coast of both North and South America. 041b061a72


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