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Legend Of Zelda, The - Phantom Hourglass (Europ...

Rounding things out, and drawing the story together, is a seventh construction, the Temple of the Ocean King, which you revisit at intervals to probe further, and this is where the Phantom Hourglass itself comes into use. Literally an hourglass, it protects you from the poisonous atmosphere for as long as there's sand in the top, before it needs to go outside and see the sun again to recharge. While the timer ticks down, you have to navigate corridors patrolled by rock-hard phantom knights, using safe zones to stop the clock and escape their murderous gaze, while solving puzzles to make further progress.

Legend of Zelda, The - Phantom Hourglass (Europ...

There is one "master dungeon" that Link must complete in the game called the Temple of the Ocean King. However, he can only make limited progress, and must work through other dungeons before he is able to proceed further in the primary dungeon. In the "master dungeon" and other locales there are enemies known as "phantom guardians". These enemies follow the player, cannot be defeated until the phantom sword is created, and can lose a heart container of energy and some time from the hourglass if they hit Link. 041b061a72


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